Ground Moles Still Destroying Your Backyard?

mole removal

Okra Patch Crafts knows that for a lot of you craft entrepreneurs and experts, your home backyard can be a wonderful place for inspiration and relief. Some of you may even work on projects frequently throughout the year in your backyard or shed. If that is the case, then you are like me. We spend a lot of time attempting to make our yard beautiful and practical when we work on a project. You apply fertilizer and herbicides, seed and over-seed until you finally have a lush lawn.

BUT THEN then you start to feel soft areas in your yard, and mounds of dirt seem to appear out of nowhere!


Mole damage in the yard is one of the most frustrating things a homeowner or backyard crafter can encounter. Moles hills can cause lawn “scalping” as you cut your grass, and mole tunnels can create hazardous footing. Moles also do tremendous damage to lawns as they tear the roots of your grass while creating new tunnels. These torn roots cause the grass to die, hence the brown areas in your lawn.

For my recent mole house problem, I contacted a professional mole trapper named Bruce that was located in Madison County, IL. I called (618)-391-0321 and he came to our residence immediately. He knew exactly what the problem was and how many moles I had in my backyard. He said many of his mole trapping clients see the damage in their yard, and assume there are “a herd of moles” causing the damage. However, he said, most people don’t realize that, one single mole can create 80 feet of fresh tunnel per day!


What may seem to you like 6 to 10 moles in a 1/4 acre yard is most likely to be only 2 to 4 animals. I know that is small comfort when you are seeing mole damage, but it is a solvable problem.

Moles can eat half their body weight in insects every day, which explains why they are constantly tunneling. These insatiable creatures are small, grey in color, 5-7 inches in length with very poor eyesight – basically blind. They spend most of their living  life beneath ground searching for and consuming insects, worms, grubs, etc. They do this even in the winter in Illinois which means you can’t forget about ground mole removal during the cold months.

Mole mounds indicate deep mole activity. Moles usually form these mole volcanoes as they excavate toilet, eating and sleeping areas.


Mole trapping has been shown to be the most efficient way to remove these pests from your lawn. Bruce, the lawn mole expert we discussed earlier, was able to trap 4 moles in our yard in 2 day. We were so thankful he was able to get the problem taken care of and give us a reasonable price per animal.

To effectively, quickly and safely remove moles we use lethal style traps, placed in the proper areas and to an exact depth. When correctly implemented, these traps will catch the mole beneath ground and quickly dispatch the animal. We use a number of traps that is determined by the size of the yard.

Quarter acre properties receive 6-12 traps, 1/2 acre yards are effectively covered by 10- 20 traps, and on and up. These traps are then checked on a regular basis and rotated to new areas of activity.

If you would like fast results so you can get back to a beautiful yard or backyard crafting, contact Bruce at Frontier Wildlife Removal, he is a wildlife control expert. That should give you your yard back and put an end to your frustration! CALL TODAY @ (618)-391-0321 ! Super friendly guy and will help you with all animal control problems.