Backyard Crafts Gone Wrong – Are Lawn Moles Ruining Your Yard?

Edwardsville Ground Moles - Wildlife Removal

Do you have unsightly mole hills ruining your otherwise lovely green lawn? Worse, are those mole tunnels, running every which way just beneath the ground, causing a safety risk to people and pets?You know you should get rid of those lawn moles once and for all. But how?

Why Should Moles Concern You?

Homeowners everywhere are often confronted by the problem of moles (as well as other burrowing critters, such as voles and gophers). Same thing goes for office park managers, golf course operators, and others who are required to maintain perfectly manicured lawns.

You might be surprised to learn that, although an individual lawn mole is very small, it doesn’t take many of these animals to turn a large expanse of turf into a huge mess. Here’s a shocker: The average number of moles per acre is just three — yet three is all it takes to destroy your yard in short order!

Here’s another fact: One mole can dig up to 100 feet of tunnels per day. And these industrious pests keep busy at this digging, rarely pausing even to sleep.

Hire An Affordable Control Service to Savor Your Yard & Crafts

It’s not easy to get rid of lawn moles using the tricks and methods that most people are familiar with. Fortunately, it is achievable. If you live in Madison or St. Clair county, you can demand affordable lawn mole removal nearby! Frontier Wildlife Control is a professional mole removal service that extracts all mole problems and gives you a fair price for the time they work.

Wherever you may live, once you learn the truly effective ways to solve people’s mole problem, you may be able to charge for your expertise, too.

Perhaps you just want to rid your own lawn of moles and have no wish to become a professional mole catcher. That’s fine. You can do it!

It is possible to get rid of lawn moles. You don’t have to put up with unsightly molehills dotting your yard or dangerous tunnels creating safety hazards to you, your guests, your children and your pets. My family lives in Edwardsville, and when I was working on some of my crafts outside I noticed long tunnels of dirt above ground and knew I had an issue. Edwardsville Ground Mole Removal can be done so that you can savor your yard work and start rebuilding your patio and backyard.

Save Money In The Long Run

Most of the so-called remedies floating around either work inconsistently or not at all. Or, they are too expensive, too dangerous, or sometimes out-and-out illegal. Smoke bombs, moth balls, gasoline, poison, human hair as a repellent — forget all these.

There is one process that works every time. Using a special trapping technique, more than 10,000 homeowners have eliminated all moles from acres of landscape, including planting beds and lawn spaces, in just a few minutes of work each day.

Even if you’ve tried mole traps before without success, you should know that there is one model that is more effective than all the rest. When combined with the exact technique discussed at [], you can trap your mole (or gopher) every time, without fail. However is your time worth that much? Affordable Mole Removal is right around the corner. Call Frontier Wildlife – The metro east area’s wildlife removal experts – @ 618.391.0321!